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07 Helpers ||| OSRS Helpers

Oldschool RuneScape's original helping clan. Our clan is dedicated towards helping the players within it. The movement's so big, we've had to open a second clan chat to hold all the players! While no one is perfect, and not one person knows everything - the crowd sourced support system allows for everyone to have an equal advantage and progress further in-game.

We have a growing community of Content creators, from streamers to guide makers. Check out the community and get involved by following the links throughout the page! One of the newer features is the addition of a "Twitch Rail" lower down the page. That'll quickly show you who's online and streaming from out group of Content Creators.

Announcements & Information

Welcome to the site! Thanks for taking your time to come see us - we know that it's very limited lately so here are so useful links to get your process started. Read the rules, make your forum account and get to customizing it!

If you have addition questions or just want to know more - feel free to join our discord and see when someone can help you. It won't happen if you don't do it - don't be afraid to start a conversation or a thread!

See which Content Creators are streaming right now!

All streams are currently offline.

      Join the community in supporting local streamers; the Content Creators are chosen from only qualified Clan Members that have the same drive and ambitions as the management team. 
      If you're interested in becoming an affiliate, DM me on Discord. Have a Twitch account and the will to be successful. This is an everyday thing, requring effort and follow though. 
     Take a second to, at the very least, drop everyone a "follow," if you have a free Twitch Prime Sub - please give one to one of these worthy people. The earn money from this art, and we should do our best to support the following community members. If you were doing something - you'd want the same support!
     Thank you all for your time and remember to check the site often for new features and additions. 

Guides and Tutorials

As a community, we strive to be as helpful and productive as possible -so our community content creators have made guides to help you! Check them out on our forums and start making the progress you need to make! There's also even more help with the active people on our Discord server. Feel free to join and explore what we have to offer!